About Me

I've always had a thing for food. I remember when I was maybe six I saw these jello molds at home, and I threw in water, dried plums, and shredded bread in there and popped into freezer -- tasted like crap. When kids were out playing, I'd be the one saying "hey this weed is edible in case of emergency." I studied aeronautical engineering in college and is now a full time IT professional. When I bought my first house in 2006, that was when I started experimenting with the concept of "fine-dining at home." I'm a believer that you shouldn't pay an arm and a leg for good food. As long as there's passion, I believe anyone could whip up delicious meals.

Maybe my life's purpose is to make people happy with food...?

I've been blogging my cooking for a few years, but will start new here at Blogger. Hope you enjoy my photos and posts. Bon appetit!

18 July 2011

p.s. sorry 中文只有初一的程度...