Who Could Resist Risotto 誰能抵擋義式燉飯的魅力

It's been two weeks since I cooked my first ever risotto dish. Coming home from a few "scallop mishaps" while teaching my cooking class on Sunday, Rena asked if I could make risotto for dinner.

"Can we have risotto and scallops tonight.....? YOU make it!"
"Sure, why not?"

For one thing, I love risotto myself, especially that al dente core of each rice grain. But, what I really wanted to do was properly sautee scallops using the right ingredients, just to make up for what happened in class.

兩週前第一次煮了義式燉飯。今天在教料理課時發生了些"干貝意外",回到家後 Rena 說今晚想吃燉飯,

"晚上可以吃 risotto 跟干貝嗎.....? 你煮!"


As I was making the stock, I started thinking about how to plate the dish to make it visually pleasing. (is "plating" a hobby?) I remembered picture of a risotto dish made by a Michelin-starred chef in Rome, on how he was able to mold the rice into an elegant cylinder instead of the typical "blob" in a shallow bowl. I haven't used my molding toys for eons anyway, so that was the plan. I also remembered my mother gave me a bag of dried Japanese scallops from home. Dried scallops are highly prized in Asia, and bring a fantastic element into otherwise plain vegetables or soups. I decided to add that into the risotto, I mean, we've already got fresh scallops, so why not add more scallop flavors into the equation. Dried scallops are easy to use - pretty much soak it up in water to re-hydrate and you're ready to go. The soaked water also contains tons of flavor so that'll be part of my stock.

Cooking, a lot of times, is about improv, like stand-up comedy.

開始做高湯時,在想燉飯擺盤要怎麼弄才會好看 (擺盤能算是嗜好嗎?),突然想到有次看到一位在羅馬的米其林星級主廚做 risotto 的照片,是用模子把飯塑成圓形, 而不是一陀擺在盤子上的做法。反正我的圓形模子也大概八百年沒用了,決定來試試這擺法。另外,我媽前陣子給了我一包乾的日本干貝,想說已經有煎的鮮干貝了,再多加些干貝應該 OK 吧? 自家料理通常都不計成本,而且泡乾干貝的水也可以替高湯增添味道。


Making risotto requires a bit of patience, because you really have to ladle stock in slowly and stir diligently, or you won't end up with the right creamy consistency. In the end, I had onion, sauteed mushrooms, dried Japanese scallops, and English aged cheddar cheese in the risotto. A bit of departure from classics, but I think it worked well.

料理燉飯還蠻需要耐心的,因為高湯必須慢慢地加入鍋裡,然後不停地攪拌讓義大利米的澱粉釋放,才會最後有很濃稠的外表跟口感。今晚的燉飯裡有洋蔥、煎白姬菇、瑤柱、英國 cheddar 乳酪。沒有很遵循傳統,但覺得這樣的中西組合還不錯。

Seared scallops are really simple to make - pat dry scallops thoroughly, remove "foot", season with sea salt and white pepper, heat stainless pan with grape seed oil till super hot, sautee 1 minute on one side and 30 seconds on the other and get them out of the frying pan as soon as humanly possible.

For plating, I molded the risotto, placed scallops on top, and added some chopped tomatoes as garnish. I happened to have a bottle of basil oil from class, so that was squeezed around the risotto. Right when I thought I was done, I remember Serena's mother gave me a small bottle of truffle oil! Mrs. Hsu gave me all these imported expensive Italian ingredients and asked if I could cook them and take pictures of the dishes. What a rough request, right? Anyway, the ring of truffle oil on the plate was the final touch to the dish.

煎干貝的作法超簡單: 擦乾干貝,移除小肌肉,用海鹽和白胡椒調味,平底鍋放入葡萄籽油加到高溫,第一面煎一分鐘,第二面煎三十秒,然後迅速的將干貝從鍋子裡取出。

我把燉飯用圓形模子擺好後,上面放了三顆干貝,然後再加上少許的碎番茄點綴。中午教學時剛好有一瓶羅勒油,就在飯的周圍擠了一圈。就在覺得已經完成時,記得 Serena 的媽媽送了我一瓶義大利進口的松露油,徐媽送了我一些義大利的食材,說只要我煮好拍照片給他就好了,真是好康啊! 最後當然就在盤子的外圍滴了一圈的松露油來做 finish。

We ate the Italian flag that night.


Scallops and truffle oil really match perfectly. Risotto has so many variations so I don't think I'll run out of risotto ideas any time soon...risotto with pesto...saffron... We'll see what I feel like next time. I wonder what would happen if I use Asian short-grain rice to make risotto - might have to give that a try later.

干貝搭配松露油只能說是絕配。義式燉飯的作法很多種,應該很難重複,青醬燉飯...番紅花燉飯... 就看下次要煮時的心情如何。不知台灣本地的白米是否可以用義式燉飯的做法煮,可能下次要來試一下。

Date: 2011.6.26


slider said...

Why are you still messing around in the IT industry?

Steve said...

No guts dude...no guts...


no one could resist risotto~~~
cheddar cheese~~我們上次吃的也是用這個嗎?

Steve said...

是的是的...只是這次有加瑤柱ㄏㄏ...還是不要亂加...有些硬的感覺像魷魚絲 @@

Ying said...

No one really could resist risotto...