It all started with Beaujolais 都是薄酒來惹的禍

It all started with Beaujolais.

薄酒萊趴 - 故事就是這樣開始的。

Since so many friends liked the food at my housewarming in April 2006, I used the November 2006 Beaujolais global release as an excuse to host another wine party at home. The party became "sort of" annual in 2007, and each one got bigger and better, so big that I had to start hosting at wine stores. Work got a little too hectic in 2009 and 2010, so I couldn't squeeze time to continue the annual event (except the 2009 Xmas party at our new condo). Also, another big reason is I wanted to look for a "more formal" location, because I usually have a semi-formal dress code, and dressed up people and laid back atmosphere just...don't mix well.

When Rena found the MoonWine wine store on Facebook in March, I knew this would be the place we would have the next party. The owner Daniel is super awesome, so after a quick visit to the store, we were all set for the party in May. I wasn't sure how many people could fit into the store, so I was trying to limit to about 50 guests for this "trial run."

Party Menu 28 May 2011:

Hors D'oeuvre

Flame Broiled Salmon 
with Wasabi Mayo, Salmon Roe, Slice of Lemon & Dill
炙燒鮭魚佐山葵美乃茲, 搭配鮭魚卵, 檸檬片

Filet Mignon
with Asian Mango Mint Salsa

Lemon Chicken with Pesto & Tomato

Roasted Bell Pepper

Mozzarella & Local Cherry Tomato
馬茲拉乳酪 & 聖女番茄

Prosciutto & Local Cantaloupe
帕瑪火腿 & 哈密瓜

Butter Sauteed Mushrooms

Thai Lemongrass Curry Shrimp

Hot Plate
Grilled Australian Grain-fed Ribeye

For party food, I usually try to go above chips and Ritz just so the wines would be paired in different ways -- makes the drinking experience much more interesting. I prepared hors d'oeuvres for 45 people (gosh that was tiring), with some good helping hands from guests, of course. MoonWine doesn't have a kitchen, but Daniel purchased a new high-end BBQ grill just in time before the party, so I grilled steaks live to go with the red wines - that was a high point of the evening for sure.

Thanks to all the guests who joined us that evening! The next gathering is scheduled for Aug. 27, 2010, less dressy, more summer (whatever that means - use your imagination).

Steaks happily grilling away...

I found these black plastic containers near Dee Hua Street (迪化街), thanks to Apple.

Steaks and red wine are buddies.


Date: 2011.5.28


Steve Peng said...

what an enchanting night~

Steve said...

Thanks man hope you guys had a blast ;-)